MUD eXtension Protocol & MUD Sound Protocol

The following tags are currently supported from the full MXP specification:

MXP Tag % Notes
<!ELEMENT> 100  
<!ATT> 100*  
<!ENTITY> 100*  
<!TAG> 0 This was silently added to the spec without even a timestamp update. At this point we haven't catched up yet.
<VAR> 100*  
<B> 100  
<I> 100  
<U> 100  
<S> I wxWidgets currently does not support strikethrough font
<H> 100*  
<COLOR> 100  
<FONT> 100  
<NOBR> 100*  
<P> 100*  
<BR> 100*  
<SBR> 100*  
<SEND> 100  
<A> 100*  
<EXPIRE> 100*  
<VERSION> 100  
<SUPPORT> 100*  
<SOUND> 100* See MSP notes below
<MUSIC> 100* See MSP notes below
<GAUGE> 100*  
<STAT> 100*  
<FRAME> 95 Has a few minor bugs that need to be worked out, but it's essentially done
<DEST> 50 Cursor movement/line erasing/window clearing pending full ANSI support code
<USER> 0 Pending new preference system (Leio)
<PASSWORD> 0 Pending new preference system (Leio)
<IMAGE> 90 Some minor tag arguments aren't yet handled
<FILTER> I File filters are zMUD-specific plugins. As such, they do not apply to this project.
Items in blue are core components of MXP.  Items in red are optional.
* = Has yet to be thoroughly tested.  Feel free, if you can setup your own MXP-capable mud. Please let us know about the results.
I = Incompatible. See notes above for details.

YES, as you can see that includes inline images, frames and fonts and that in reasonable efficiency and speed, comparable to the two other MXP clients (of which one does not support images, fonts nor frames), and that while being cross-platform.

MSP notes:
The Windows port of wxMUD has near-full MSP support. One of the things worth noting is that it uses MCI to play anything Audiere cannot - and in some cases, MCI lacks volume support. This means that some special types of audio will always play at 100% volume, regardless of server requests. Other ports of wxMUD function fully with Audiere. It is worth noting that Audiere lacks MIDI support, meaning that all non-Windows ports lack MIDI playing functionality. Audiere, however, is capable of reading all current sound formats, such as MP3, OGG, and so on. MIDI support porting is on our todo list! It is also worth noting that MSP, as implemented in wxMUD, is for a large part untested, and requires negotation to function.